Quick sketch while at the beach

Diners at Christo’s

Sketch of the doorway across Aviles Street while waiting for breakfast at La Herencia Cafe in St. Augustine.

Beachgoer on Anna Maria Island. Nobody is safe when I have my sketchbook.

Dancing - and not dancing - to live, vintage C&W music at the Moose Lodge

A couple at breakfast at Christo’s, the diner near home. I think it was a breakfast date…the body language was interesting.

What it looks like when you’re waiting for someone who is late.

A tiny penguin ornament on the Christmas tree in the waiting room of the mammography department

I have more condiment caddy sketches…

A sketch of the corner of Charlotte and Cadiz Streets while sitting on the steps of the St. Augustine Art Association building.

Sketches of the intimidating and surly trumpeter swans at Lake Eola in Orlando

Yet another sketch of innocent diners at Christo’s. This family was actually talking together instead of being on their phones.

While having breakfast in St. Augustine.

Another beach goer on Anna Maria Island

Sketch of other businesses sharing the buildling which houses Aviles Street Gallery in St. Augustine. Done while sitting in the street (it was closed down)

More not dancing at the Moose Lodge even though the band is playing really fun, really old C&W

Wood storks at Princess Place Reserve near St. Augustine.

Swamp Yankees playing on Aviles Street, St. Agustine.

Giddy Up Go playing at Johnny’s Filling Station in Orlando

Joel’s bike parking across the street from the Aviles Street Gallery in St. Augustine.

horse waiting patiently for his rider to return

Study for a painting

I don’t like drawing straight edges so that is why I draw them. Plus that one drawer being a little open was oddly unsettling

Study for a painting

Study for a painting

Ben’s teacup

At the Schiele exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts last year…of course, lots of people stopping to look closely at his nudes.

A beautiful Morgan mare who is just not into listening.

study for a painting

acrylic sketch - Long Beach, Plymouth, MA